Mount Pleasant woman saves drowning swimmer

Mount Pleasant (WCBD)–On Thursday the Mount Pleasant Fire Department responded to a reported drowning at the Days Inn hotel just after 11 a.m.

When at arrived they found 21 year old William Page alert and breathing, but witnesses say that may not have been the case without the heroics of another guest, Sonya Sterling.

Sterling says that it started when she heard a woman screaming that her boyfriend was drowning. She said he slipped into the deep-end and neither of them could swim.

She said with no time to think, she dove in and began trying to pull Page from the water. With the help of a friend she says she was finally able to pull him onto the side of the pool. He was unconscious and not breathing.

She and her friend began performing CPR, and within minutes that say Page was coughing up water and breathing again.

The fire department reported that his vitals were normal when they arrived on the scene.

The hotel now says that Sterling is a hero, but Sterling says she did what anyone else would have done in her position.


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