CA neighborhood has ‘whites only’ rule

EL DORADO HILLS, CA — A California couple is outraged, after they signed for their new home and later discovered an old law in some of the fine print in the rules.
Clause 13 of the Lake Hills CC & R, which is similar to a homeowner’s association agreement, stated: “No person except those of the white Caucasian race shall use, occupy or reside upon any residential lot or plot in this subdivision, except when employed in the household of a white Caucasian tenant or owner.”
The motivation for the “whites only” policy, according to the CC&R, is that letting non-whites in would lower the property value of the community.
Other homeowners in the community say they were aware of the rule, but didn’t pay it any mind since non-white residents live in the neighborhood and it does not appear to be a law that is still enforced.
The Foster family says that’s beyond the point.
“Everyone knows that you can’t enforce things like that. It still sends a message” said Liese Foster.
The Fosters took this to the community networking site to raise awareness among the neighbors in an efforts to have the law reversed or removed.
It turns out, the rules have been on the books since 1961, and the person in charge of enforcing it says he had no idea. Brent Dennis has been with the El Dorado Hills Community Services District, which handles rules enforcement for more than 30 communities, for four years. He says he can’t explain why the rule was put in place, but it is definitely not enforced, violates federal law, and he guarantees his staff will correct the problem promptly.

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