SC man charged after leaving girlfriend unconscious, naked, on the floor for hours

Clyde Woodrow Teague Jr., 61

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) – One man was arrested and charged with neglect of a vulnerable adult after paramedics found an unresponsive woman at a home on 3rd Avenue South last Thursday.

Paramedics told police that the woman had been on the floor for several hours before her boyfriend, Clyde Woodrow Teague Jr., called 911.

Last week paramedics took a woman to the hospital who was lying on her kitchen floor naked and unconscious in a pile of her own fecal matter.  The report says the woman had severe bruising all over her body in different stages of healing that led paramedics to call police to investigate.

The report says that when police spoke with Teague, he stated that the woman was acting “lethargic” on Thursday morning when she got off work and that she was laying on the couch in her own fecal matter, unconscious and naked. Teague told police he tried to shake her, but she wouldn’t wake up, so he went to bed.

He woke up to find her on the couch, still unresponsive, and went back to sleep again. When he woke up again to get dinner, he saw she had moved from the couch to the kitchen and her breathing was labored.

The report says he told police that he told himself that if she wasn’t responsive by the time he got back from dinner that he would call medics.

He finally made the 911 call after getting dinner.

Teague says the woman was a serious alcoholic and that he assumed she was “intoxicated as usual, and would bounce out of it eventually.” Officers were unable to find any beer, wine, or liquor containers in the home.

“The house was in complete disarray. There was fecal matter all over the home, on the couch, the walls, in the bathroom on the walls and bathtub, on the kitchen floor, the refrigerator, and the clothing on the back of the recliner in the living room,” the report says.

Hospital staff said that the bruising on her body did not look normal and that a toxicology exam found no trace of alcohol or drugs in her system.

Teague was arrested at the hospital for willfully allowing the woman to lay unconscious for the excessive amount of time.

Because the victim laid unconscious with labored breathing for so long, she was being treated for diabetic shock and was still unconscious when the report was filed.

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