At least 1 dead in American University attack in Kabul

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — Officials in the Afghan capital say militants killed at least one person and wounded another 18 in an attack today on the American University of Afghanistan. They say security forces are still combing the campus in search of attackers.

An official with the Ministry of Public Health says a guard employed by the university was killed and that the wounded included a foreign teacher.

An AP photographer was in a classroom with 15 other students when he heard an explosion. Massoud Hossaini says when he went to the window to see what was happening, a man shot at him and shattered the window. The students then barricaded themselves inside the classroom. The photographer says at least two grenades were thrown into the classroom, wounding several of his classmates.

A hospital official says 18 people who were wounded in the attack, including five women, were admitted. He said three were “seriously” wounded, probably from automatic gunfire.

A police spokesman said security forces were conducting a clearing operation to track down the “terrorists.” He said it was still not clear if there were one or two attackers.

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