Why the Rio Olympic Closing Ceremony was delayed and the former NBA player who’s getting their own holiday

(WCBD) — Simone Biles was trending on Facebook on Tuesday, two days after the Olympic closing ceremony.

Biles was the U.S. flag bearer. So many athletes stopped her to take selfies, that it delayed the ceremony! She posed for a picture with volleyball player Aaron Russell, sprinter Debbie Ferguson, Natasha Hastings, and fellow gymnast Aly Raisman to name a few.

Aly Raisman was also trending on Tuesday, after she was asked out by Oakland Raiders Tight End Colton Underwood. Underwood recorded a video that was given to Raisman, asking if she would be open to going on a double-date next time she’s in Northern California.

Kobe Bryant was trending on Twitter, after it was announced that Wednesday, August 24, would mark Kobe Bryant Day. The recently retired LA Lakers star is being honored for his 20-year career with the team, as well as his philanthropy work. August 24 (8/24) was the chosen day because Bryant’s two jersey numbers were 8 and 24 during his career.

He will be honored on Wednesday at Los Angeles City Hall.

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