2 Lowcountry bridges hit by barges this morning

The South Carolina Department of Transportation is inspecting two Lowcountry bridges after BOTH OF THEM were hit by barges this morning. 
This is a big concern for some, especially one man who contacted us and asked us to investigate whether the bridges are still safe. He was actually ON the highway 41 bridge over the Wando when it was hit by a barge this morning. 
Jon Moore says, “I had the first day of school with the children at the school. So I was leaving the house going to work at 7:30 in the morning.”
Moore says he had to stop on the bridge because a boat was passing. A tub boat with a large barge full of parts for the new bridge moved forward. “Once it got to the bridge, it hit, it hit the bridge. The whole bridge started rocking.”
He says it was like a mini earthquake. “But it was enough for me to say, ‘time to get out of the car.” I left the car on the bridge.”
I asked SCDOT spokesman James Law about what happened. He said wood pilings are supposed to prevent the actual bridge from being hit. 
“In this case those pilings had deteriorated so much it didn’t keep the barge from rubbing. And I say rubbing because that’s what it actually was. There was no blunt force that hit the bridge, it was a rub.”
Law says the only cracks engineers found were cracks that were there before this morning. “We wouldn’t have the bridge open unless we thought it was safe.”
Moore tells me it was all a huge scare. “Well, my pastor at Forest Park Church told me you never know when it’s your time to go. At that moment I thought maybe it was my time to go. Soon as I knew it wasn’t, I said it’s time for me to exit the bridge.”
The other bridge hit by a barge this morning was the Wappoo Cut bridge on James Island. It was also hit as a tow boat pushed a barge. Law said that boat did not hit the bridge structure at all. It hit the protective barriers as they are designed to do. 

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