Lawyer: US swimmer James Feigen to make $10,800 payment, leave Brazil after robbery scandal involving Olympians

One of the U.S. Olympic swimmers caught up in Ryan Lochte’s fabricated tale of robbery in Rio reached a deal with authorities to donate almost $11,000 in order to leave Brazil, his lawyer said early Friday.

Gold medal winner Jimmy Feigen will have his passport returned after reaching the agreement with local prosecutors.

Feigen was one of four swimmers whose taxi ride back from a late night party ended in a confrontation in at a gas station during which police say one of the men vandalized a bathroom door.

“After a long deliberation, this agreement was reached … he will donate 35,000 real [$10,000] to an institute, and with that the case is resolved,” Feigen’s lawyer Breno Melaragno told reporters.

He added: “After this donation is done, his passport will be given back to him, and he will be free to return home.”

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