Delemar Highway renovation plans in the works


DORCHESTER COUNTY, SC (WCBD) — The County Transportation Committee granted $1 million dollars to the Delemar Highway expansion project.

The dangerous road runs right past Ashley Ridge High School. The project will make the narrow road a four lane highway and add shoulder room.

The county has $17 million from the state but County Councilman Jay Byars said they weren’t sure that would cover the costs. The additional $1 million gives them a total of $18 million for the project.

Councilman Byars said they hope to put the bids out by the end of the month.

The projects official ribbon cutting took place in 2012 but the plan never got off the ground. The project has been postponed for many reasons in the past but most recently it had trouble meeting federal regulations.

“I need construction to start today,well I needed it nine years ago but I just need them to sign the necessary paperwork and get the construction started”, said Ashley Ridge Principal Karen Radcliffe.

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