Daniel Island home burns down

Fire destroyed a Daniel Island home this afternoon. 
The fire could be seen from miles away.

During a storm on Daniel Island, a home on Barfield caught fire at around 5:30 Friday afternoon.
Dana Blasky was here to watch the firefighters work. “We live on a street parallel, Elf street. We’ve had a home there for 5 years, but we’ve had a home on Daniel Island for 15. We are part time residents at this time.”
They live in Michigan during the school year. “We have our home here and our hearts are here in Charleston.”
Dana says she knows the family who owns the house that burned. “They are not here. They are residents of Ohio and nobody was in the home at the time.”
It’s a scene they don’t see everyday. “Obviously severe damage to the interior and exterior of the home. And multiple fires engines and police presence here.”
Fire investigators say there were multiple lightening strikes in this area, but the official cause of the fire is under investigation.
“Obviously it can happen to anybody. These homes that are sitting higher tend to be a lightning rod.”
Everybody stopped by to take a look. .”It does become kind of a community event. You end up meeting your neighbors. It’s a horrible thing but people do come together.”
By 8 o’clock, crews were no longer actively fighting the fire. Dana says this is a big deal for these neighbors. “It doesn’t happen often, but it is something to watch.”

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