VIDEO: Upstate Officer tops 100 mph before crash

SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) — Dash Camera video of a Spartanburg Police Officer driving to call is under review by the Spartanburg Police Department.

The officer was called from his home in Simpsonville to investigate a home invasion in Spartanburg with his K-9 Officer.

While in route, the officer drove over 100 miles per hour at times, passed cars on double yellow lines, and drove through red-light intersections. The officer had his lights on for the entire drive and had sirens on at some points.

The officer went over 88 miles per hour passing vehicles on the right on Reidville Road. When the officer passed through a red-light intersection at Blackstock Road, a car entered the intersection, causing a wreck.

After an officer gets in an accident, the entire dash camera video is always reviewed. The investigation is not complete, so Spartanburg Police could not comment on whether the officer violated policy.

Neither the officer or the other woman involved was cited or charged for the incident.

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