New study shows S.C as 9th worst state for bullying

South Carolina (WCBD)- Bullying, it happens in every school. These days it’s not just happening in classrooms, it’s happening at home through social media. A new study out by WalletHub shows that South Carolina is the 9th worst state in America when it comes to bullying and how it’s being handled in schools.

According to the National Education Association, more than 160,000 children miss school every day out of fear of being bullied. News 2’s sister station, WSPA spoke with a Psychology/Cyberbullying Professor in the Upstate to learn more about the staggering new statistic.

Clemson Psychology Professor, Robin Kowalski says, if your child is being bullied they will have a hard time socializing and could even have anxiety issues. Kowalski wants parents to know that, “If their [child] is scared they are not focusing or giving their full attention to what is going on. Even if it is just one child, it becomes a big issue.”

Today, bullying is seen more online with kids using anonymity on social media. “It could be a sibling, another student at school, it could be my next door neighbor or someone in Timbuktu,” the professor added. “Imagine a child going back to school and wondering is it you? Is it you? Not knowing who it could be.”

If you want to know the signs to look out for when it comes to your child being bullied or your child being the bully click here:




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