Former Lincoln students start school year at Wando


The parking lot at Lincoln Middle-High School is empty, even though it’s the first day of school. The school was shut down at the end of last year and the kids in McClellanville are being bused to Wando High School. They tell News 2 they have to wake up before sunrise.

5 AM is the brutal wake-up call for 16-year-old Myonna Gathers, a whole hour and a half earlier than last year.

Her dad, Marvin Gathers, says, “This school was right across the street, now she’s got to drive probably about an hour with bus stops and stuff like that.”

Her bus isn’t scheduled to drop her off until after 5 PM. Myonna is worried about her workload.

She says, “Because when I get dropped off I’m going to be tired and still have to do homework.”

Her dad is worried about safety.

He says, “Right now, the time getting ready to change, they’re going to get home real dark and the way the world’s going right now, and the people in the world these days… Charleston County didn’t really think this out before they pulled the plug.”

The School Board said budget cuts and a smaller student population put Lincoln on the chopping block, but Myonna says the small school was a benefit.

She says, “There wasn’t very many students in the class, like you could have one-on-one with your teacher.”

She says she is nervous about starting over with only two years of school left.

Myonna says, “It’s different because everyone knew Lincoln was a small school, like 200, and now I’m transitioning from a small school to a big school and it’s going to be a big jump.”

Myonna and her dad agree Wando has more resources available than Lincoln, but say it’s not worth the long commute everyday. CCSD does provide a bus for all of the students from McClellanville equipped with air conditioning and wi-fi.

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