4 arrests made related to drugs at one Sangaree home

From left to right: Sam Ferguson Jr., David Evans, and Allen Davis

BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) — Four arrests were made out of a Sangaree subdivision today. Neighbors say they hope this puts a stop to a drug problem that has existed for years.

Neighbors would not be identified, but told News 2’s Raymond Owens. “It was a beautiful neighborhood until we got a lot of drug users that moved in.”

Neighbors in Victoria Place in Sangaree don’t want to talk on camera about what they say is an ongoing drug problem. My concern is the kids. You see kids day and night going to these houses and buying drugs.”

Today, deputies were serving a warrant on David Evans, a man wanted on multiple charges. Berkeley County Chief Deputy Mike Cochran “He has 11 general sessions warrants for him. General sessions are higher charges. He had charges ranging from possession of heroin to possession of a firearm and possession of ammunition.

While at the home, $1,000 worth of drugs and a gun were discovered. In addition to Evans, Allen Davis was charged with trafficking meth, Sam Ferguson Jr. with possession of crystal meth and other warrants. And Richly Campbell was charged for disorderly conduct because of how she acted toward deputies during the search.

Cochran says they have dealt with drug problems in that area of Sangaree, but you can find them anywhere. “There can be a drug house in a nice neighborhood they can be a drug house and the worst of neighborhoods.”

Cochran says if you have a drug house in your neighborhood, call Crimestoppers and let them know about it. “If you want to help your neighborhood, help us help you and just call it in.”

Crime Stoppers can be reached at 843-554-1111.

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