New students move in at Clemson University

CLEMSON, S.C. (WSPA) – Lots of students are making their new home at Clemson University this weekend. Its move in weekend on campus just before the semester begins.

For students like Puiton Brown, going to Clemson has always been a big dream.

“Very excited, looking forward to it,” Puiton said. “For football games and all of that stuff.”

“Exciting and overwhelming, bittersweet,” said his mom, Mary Brown. “I’ll try to keep the tears away so I can be strong for him.”

And now that everyone is here, the families and new students are soaking these moments in.

“It just kind of like stopped and realized that they had to go home and I had to stay here to figure out what to do on my own,” said Angela Giovinazzo, a new freshman. “I’m actually really excited to go to class and meet professors and all that stuff. I’ve always really liked school.”

Before they begin classes, students are settling into their new home away from home. Some will be the very first to move-in to brand new construction at the Core Campus Facility.

The university has had several volunteers on hand to make the transition a little easier. They’re also keeping their new students busy these first weeks to kick off their college careers with new friends.

“Just everyone we have run into here has been great and we are super excited for him,” said Mary.

“There are so many things going on this week already. I think it will be easy for us to branch out. One thing that drew me to Clemson is how invested they are in individual students,” Giovinazzo continued. “When I came for orientation I sat down with an advisor while hundreds of kids were there.”

“I’ll just try to be social, maybe meet some people and join some clubs or events or something,” Brown explained.

Students will be back in class as early as next week. The new semester begins on Wednesday.

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