The Latest: 3 killed, thousands rescued in southeast Louisiana floods

A member of the St. George Fire Department assists residents as they wade through floodwaters from heavy rains in the Chateau Wein Apartments in Baton Rouge, La., Friday, Aug. 12, 2016. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) –   A storm that’s been drenching southeast Louisiana is forecast to head toward the central and northern part of the state while parts of southern Mississippi are under a state of emergency.

Saturday, emergency crews plucked motorists from cars stranded by high water and pulled others from inundated homes on their way to at least 2,000 rescues. Three people are dead and one is missing.

Warnings are out in portions of central and northern Louisiana lasting into the week. Three people are dead and one person is missing. Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards warns water could still rise even as rain lessens. Several Mississippi counties have states of emergency.

Emergency crews plucked motorists from stranded cars in high water along a stretch of south Louisiana interstate yesterday and pulled others from inundated homes.

Pounding rains swamped parts of southeast Louisiana so that whole subdivisions appeared isolated by floodwaters, which are blamed for at least three deaths.

Edwards declared a state of emergency, calling the floods “historic.” He later toured flood-ravaged areas by helicopter and warned Louisiana residents it would be too risky to venture out even once the rains begin to subside.

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