3 reported interstate shootings in less than a month

North Charleston— Police say a man whose truck was shot almost a dozen times on the interstate is not cooperating.

Just after 3:30AM on Wednesday August 10th, a man drove himself to the hospital with gunshot wounds. The truck he drove to get there was covered in bullet holes. Police say the man is not cooperating so they are not sure exactly where it happened, but they investigated on I-526 and I-26.

Wednesday’s interstate shooting is 1 of at least 3 we have told you about in the last month. In mid-July, we reported a shooting that happened on I-526 near the Montague exit. After seeing our story, another man contacted us saying something similar happened to him and a handful of other people did the same.

All three of the recent interstate shootings we have told you about have similarities. First, they have all happened on either I-526 or I-26 near the Cosgrove and Montague exits. Also, they have happened around the same time—between 3:30AM and 5:30AM. However, the North Charleston Police Department said, they do not think any are connected.

We asked NCPD for a list of all the shootings reported on I-26 or I-526 in the last 6 months and they are working on getting those reports to us.

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