Berkeley County accommodations up 14% in the past year

BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) — More and more people are spending the night in Berkeley County. In the past year, the accommodations business has increased 14%.

Liz Wiggins is one of the owners of Wiggins Hospitality Group. “It impacts our business, obviously because our family owns and operates 6 hotels in the county.”

Last month, Wiggins Hospitality Group opened their 6th hotel in Berkeley County, the new Hampton Inn near I-26 in Summerville. “We opened at 100% occupancy… At this Hampton Inn we currently employ, it averages about 20 people. 20 to 22. Overall probably right at 100 or more people are employed throughout our hotels..”

Jim Rozier is the chairman of the Berkeley County Accommodations Tax Committee. “Well, it certainly raises the tax dollars. The accommodations tax and also raises the one cent local option sales tax. We’re very pleased that those numbers are up.”

Rozier, who is also the former Supervisor of Berkeley County, says more accommodations being filled means visitors are helping with the tax burden, providing more money for things like roads. “When these taxes were put in place, we said tourists would pay a lot of it. That’s good.”

He said they are hoping the accommodations tax dollars can be used to increase accommodations even more. “Have Berkeley County become a destination for tourists rather than just a pass through for tourists or just a night stay for tourists.”

Berkeley County now ranks 13th out of 46 counties in the state for visitations

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