VIDEO: Amateur fishermen catch 13-foot hammerhead shark

SANIBEL, Fla. (WCMH) — Three friends fishing together along the Florida coast managed to catch a massive 13-foot long hammerhead shark using just a rod and some ray as bait.

Maison Rosanti, Nick Manzari and Callum Guthrie saw the shark snag their line.

“All of our expressions were like it’s a massive hammerhead,” Maison Rosanti said. “And all of a sudden WHIRRRRRRRR the rod started spinning. I just dropped the bait on starts screaming.”

The three of them then managed to pull the shark into shallow waters. It took them 30 minutes to do so.

The guys then took video of the shark, which they brought only into knee deep water, and took pictures of them riding the beast. They then cut the line and sent the shark back into the sea.

“He swam off beautifully, on his own power, just swam away with his big dorsal fin out the water, on the sunrise. It was absolutely amazing,” Rosanti said. “They’re beautiful creatures and no one, people don’t really understand how big and how great and how strong these animals actually are so it’s an amazing feeling to actually bring something like that in and then to be able to bring it in and set it free and catch it again when it’s four or five feet longer.”

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