Chicora grads say new school represents dreams come true for their children

North Charleston—A little over one week before the first day of school, experts trained the teachers of the new Chicora School of Communication on how to use the latest technology in the classroom.

Principal Shavonna Coakley has had a summer filled with emotion and anticipation for the start of the 2016-17 school year. Tears of joy came to her eyes as she talked about the opportunities available to today’s Chicora students that were not available when she graduated from the school years ago.

Watch the full interview with Principal Shavonna Coakley where she talks about her passion for Chicora:

North Charleston Councilman Michael Brown also graduated from Chicora and has a deep family connection to the school. He shared about his experience growing up in this community and how much it means to him to have this kind of school in his hometown.

Watch the full interview with Councilman Michael Brown as he talks about the impact this school will have on the community:

We talked to yet another graduate of Chicora. Shelton Robinson Sr. says he came from “humble beginnings,” went to the Citadel and is now a computer engineer and business owner. He attributed a portion of his success to the people who helped raise him. Now, he wants to pay it back by launching a mentor-ship program to help in ways outside of the classroom.

Watch the full interview with Shelton Robinson Sr. where he talks about the “team effort” it takes to raise our children:

Amy Winstead lead a class for the Chicora teachers on how to use their new technology.  They worked on brand new MacBook Air laptops as they learned how the computers worked with their SMARTboards. Winstead is an innovation and digital learning specialist with the Charleston County School District. Before taking on this position, she was one of the first teachers to use an iPad in the classroom.

Watch the full interview with Amy Winstead where she talks about the transformation in learning that happens when children are engaged with the latest technology in the classroom:

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