What can be done to prevent Zika virus from spreading?

BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) — Berkeley County Officials met with DHEC officials Tuesday to make sure everyone knows what can be done to prevent Zika virus from spreading.

Jeff Cary is the manager of Berkeley Mosquito Abatement. “We’re taking it very seriously, with the recent announcements in Miami that they have homegrown (Zika) mosquitoes. We’re doing everything in our power to keep it from happening here in South Carolina.”

“We’ve got about 60 different species here in Berkeley County.” Cary is busy looking for and treating potential sources of massive mosquito outbreaks.  “The mosquitos that transmit the Zika virus are container breeders.”

They prefer places like a pile of tires at a home in Strawberry. Each tire can hold standing water.

Cary used a dipper to check the water in the tires for mosquito larva. “I was only getting about one mosquito larva per dip. When you look at the tire pile and size with well over 1,000 tires, you can see how fast the adult population can amplify.”

Cary then treats them with granules. “These are corn cobs that have been impregnated by bacteria called BTI.”

The bacteria gets to work killing only the mosquito larva.

Jeff says keeping mosquitoes under control is a group effort between mosquito control and the rest of us doing our part to make sure we get rid of any standing water.

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