Protecting your home from mosquitoes

You can protect your family from Zika by taking a few measures to guard your home from mosquitoes. Charleston County Mosquito Control recommends removing any stagnant water from your yard, even in the smallest areas.

Mike Huggins, Charleston County Public Works Foreman, says, “Actually maybe about that much, they don’t need much at all, like a bottle cap to a soda, they can breed in that if it has water in it.”

And that water can collect anywhere, like gutters…

Huggins says, “When leaves fall in them, they will get clogged and mosquito larvae will breed in there”

or tarps…

Huggins says, “It gets in pockets, and it will sit, and mosquito larvae can breed in there as well.”

and open containers, like flower pots.

Huggins says, “If you’re not going to use them at all, turn them over so water can’t collect.”

Even children’s toys filled with water could breed hundreds of mosquitoes. So, the best thing to do is dump it out.”

Huggins says, “As long as you dump it right here on the ground, they’ll die because they absolutely have to have water to live.”

He adds ponds aren’t a big concern, “Not really because mostly ponds in neighborhoods are inhabited by wildlife and they’re mostly kept up by the HOA, and it’s usually not that at all.”

He says people in Charleston County are calling with Zika concerns.

Huggins says, “It’s scary, it’s a pretty serious disease, so a lot of people are concerned about it.”

And if you have a mosquito problem you can’t solve, and live within Charleston County, you can call Public Works at (843) 202-7880 to get help for free.

Huggins says, “We’ll come and we’ll check the property to see what kind of mosquitoes we’re getting, and then we will come back out and handle it either by backpack or by truck.”

If you are going to be outside, experts recommend using bug spray with DEET.

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