Back to School tips from the Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office

GEORGETOWN COUNTY, S.C. (WBCD) — The middle of August is the time when students return to school. At the beginning of a school year, parents begin to breathe a sigh of relief that summer is over, in addition to knowing their children will be under constant adult supervision while in school. This is true to a certain extent, but there are still times a child could face unexpected dangers.

As students head back to school this year, the biggest test they could face may not be in the classroom but on the journey to and from school. Now is the time when parents need to begin talking to their children about safety, whether they are walking, riding a school bus, riding a bike, riding with friends, or driving to school. Also, be aware of where your children are before and after school.

This time of year also calls on citizens, as motorists, to use extra caution throughout the county at school bus stops and especially around schools. If you travel throughout these areas, please use extra caution and keep in mind the following recommendations:
• Allow extra travel time.
• Slow down and be patient.
• Drive defensively.
• Watch for children.
• Obey all traffic laws and traffic control officers.

It is the priority of the Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office to ensure safety for parents and children going to and from school. Every year, for the first few days, deputies are assigned to the schools for the purpose of directing traffic before and after school. This will assist the parents dropping off and picking up children, because for the first week or so there seems to be confusion about entrances, drop-off points, and exits at the schools. This especially occurs with parents who have children starting at a particular school for the first time. This is understandable, but with school officials and our agency working together, we will strive to minimize and/or eliminate the confusion.

The Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office will continue their Zero Tolerance in School Zones Campaign. This campaign occurs throughout the entire school year but especially the first week or so of school. Deputies will be assigned to the school zones, strictly enforcing traffic laws. This campaign was started because of the numerous complaints the sheriff’s office received about speeding and careless driving through the school zones during the school year. It is the duty and the obligation of our deputies to ensure the safety of everyone.

Sheriff Lane Cribb states, “I would like to encourage everyone to exercise caution always but especially during the school year. With folks doing their part, we can prevent any unexpected dangers. Our children today are our future tomorrow.”

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