4 of 5 suspects from Huger home invasion now in jail

Four of the five men who were involved in last week’s deadly home invasion in Huger are behind bars. The latest was captured early this morning. 
At about 1am this morning, Sherrod Palmer was picked up in Danville, Virginia. Berkeley County Sheriff Duane Lewis tells News 2’s Raymond Owens, “We have been working with the Marshall Service on locating him once we identified him as the fourth suspect. He was also armed with a handgun at the time.”
Deputies are now in the process of going to Virginia. They hope to interview him and bring him back to SC if he does not fight extradition. 
Lewis says they have the public to thank for the fact that four suspects are now in custody. “I’m going to tell you, we got a lot of information from the public. People in Saint Stephen and Huger communities have really, really been helping us a lot.”
With four in jail, I asked the sheriff about that fifth suspect. “We still have one suspect at large that we have not been able to identify. Again, they’re staying on that. I have a team of detective who are continuing to work that, leads and information as it’s coming in and we hope to have him identified soon.”
In the meantime, if you have any information on the case, call Crimestoppers at (843)554-1111.

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