Berkeley County schools moving toward 10-point grading system

A grade score in Berkeley County may soon have the same value as it does in other parts in the country.

The Berkeley County School board voted to pass the first reading of a motion that would change the grading system from 7-points to 10-points.

For example, 93-100 is considered an “A” in Berkeley County schools, but that range could be broadened to where 90-100 would be an “A.” Respective grades would be decided by increments of ten (B 80-89, C 70-79, etc.).

Educators say the grade revision would benefit South Carolina students when applying to colleges. Neighboring states like Georgia and North Carolina are on the 10-point system. A 92 in either state is an “A.” While in South Carolina, that same score of 92 is a “B.”

Berkeley County Chief Academic Officer Dr. Kevin O’Gorman says most colleges just take the letter grade do not look at the numerical score of a student’s grade. “Our kids, even though numerically they’re at the same level as a child in Georgia, get bumped down in that rubric,” said Dr. O’Gorman.

Critics of the 10 point-scale say the system is a way of increasing the graduation rate by passing students who may not be ready.

“We really just want our kids in South Carolina to be on an even playing field with the rest of the kids in the country,” said Dr. O’Gorman.

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