SCAM ALERT: Authorities warn residents of Walmart survey letter

ANDERSON CO., SC (WSPA) – Law enforcement authorities would like to warn citizens about a current mail scam.

They say a USPS Priority Mail envelope containing the attached Survey Instruction letter and a real-looking cashier’s check was recently received by an Anderson Co. resident.

The letter promises the recipient compensation for conducting an effectiveness and efficiency survey of Wal-Mart staff and the company’s Money Mart system.

Deputies say this is a SCAM.

They say the instruction letter is poorly worded, which is sometimes a SCAM identifier, but the check included in the package appears legitimate since it is drawn on a real financial institution, Genisys Credit Union, located in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

Deputies have been in contact with the credit union and they are aware that the false checks, which appear to be drawn on their institution, are being sent out in potential mass mailings.

Their in-house loss prevention team is working to identify the responsible individual(s) but deputies say, during their investigation, the credit union discovered that similar letters have been mailed across the country with fake checks seemingly drawn on other major financial institutions as well.

This is what the letter and check look like:


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