Multiple crimes in Strawberry Station neighborhood near Moncks Corner

MONCKS CORNER, S.C. (WCBD) — Investigators are trying to determine who went on a crime spree in a Berkeley County neighborhood early Thursday morning.

“It’s a brand new neighborhood. We actually have great neighbors.” Kendra Kinner says she loves living in Strawberry Station.

The peace in that neighborhood was broken early Thursday morning. “Unfortunately our neighborhood was hit with a series of burglary and several, several car (break ins.) They were able to get into our garage and steal our motorbikes and other personal items that were inside my husband’s truck.”

The thieves a”stole her husband’s truck keys and a remote control for their home security system.

A neighbor two doors down had her pocketbook stolen, and the debit card was immediately used, spending hundreds of dollars.

“They broke into at least 6 to 8 vehicles in our neighborhood. They stole our neighbors SUV out of their driveway.”

We spoke to the lady who owns the stolen SUV. She did not want be identified, but she said, “It had me almost in tears and chill bumps all over my body… You almost do not feel safe.”

Kendra feels the same. “I have two small children and unfortunately the oldest one is now asking everyday and every hour if the bad guys are coming back.”

If you have any information about the crimes at Strawberry Station, call Crimestoppers at 554-1111.

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