Back to School Deals

SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – The average household is expected to spend close to six hundred dollars this year on back to school alone.

We looked into shopping strategies that can help you save more.

“Can I get it, can I get one of those?”, says one of the McCravy kids.

When doing back to school shopping with four school aged kids like Megan McCravy in Spartanburg, rule number one, set limits.

“I tell you what we’re going to do, we’re going to hold off on pencils right this second,” McCravy says.

Her first move, make a list, and shop at home.

McCravy said she “definitely went through the list of things at home to make sure, OK, we already have four boxes of pencils, I definitely don’t need to buy pencils today.”

“I want to buy one of these,” one of the McCravy kids said.

McCarvy is also avoiding the costly frills, like themed notebooks.

“No, we’re going to stay over here with these because they’re 50 cents,” she says.

But, she does opt for more sturdy backpacks that last a few years.

Kristine Morris at Walmart, saves by comparison shopping.

She says, “before I even begin shopping, I look around and see what deals they have.”

Today at Target four spiral notebooks were $3 dollars, but at Walmart it’s four for $2.50.

Still Target will give you $5 off if you spend $25. Do the math that works for you. even recommends holding off on generic items like paper and glue until the major price drops hit around labor day.

But that’s not true for computers.

“The bulk of laptop sales are going to happen before school starts,” says Spartanburg Store Manager Stephen Mills.

Best Buy says that’s where the tax free weekend equals big savings.

Keep in mind, a “.edu” is kind of like gold.  Stores like Best Buy, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon all offer special deals to students with a valid college email address.

Back at Target, McCravy is armed with her cartwheel app for more savings.  Sure she has to pay taxes, but she says beating the crowds is priceless.

“Maybe the deals are coming later but I prefer to get it over with,” McCravy says.

Experts recommend to leave your kids at home so you don’t overspend.

Also, keep your eye out for freebies, last year we saw everything from free haircuts to loaded backpacks.

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