8 Days of Hope aims to get 3,000 volunteers in Georgetown and Williamsburg counties

More relief is headed to the hundreds of people who still have some sort of damage to their homes in Williamsburg and Georgetown counties. The flooding last year had a major impact in those areas. 
Today the Eight Days of Hope organization help a press conference in Kingstree. They plan to host Eight Days of Hope October 8th-15th. 
Steve Tybor is the president of the organization. “We plan on bringing 3000 volunteers or more from all over the country.”
Those volunteers from the Eight Days Of Hope organization will work on repairs for 250-300 homes. Some 700 homes have been identified as needing help. 
Gracie McKenzie says when she had to be evacuated from her home after it flooded out, they noticed the flooding weakened her porch.

“I was coming out the door, my daughter called and I ran to the phone. (She said) they at your door mom! We got to get out and I was coming down the stairs on the porch it was shaking and I fell on the bottom but one of the guy was here to help me up.”
She is hoping her porch repair will be one of the nearly 300 homes to be repaired during the Eight Days of Hope.
If you need help in Georgetown or Williamsburg counties, call 211. 
The Eight Days of Hope people say they need three things; volunteers, money and prayers. If you would like to help, just go to http://www.eightdaysofhope.com.
Eight Days of Hope organizers say they estimate the cost of this Georgetown and Williamsburg county operations will be approximately $500,000.

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