NCPD Officer shot, suspect arrested three times for domestic violence in past year

William Tracy Patterson

Police were called to a home on Waltham Road in North Charleston for a man driving erratically. The caller said he was trying to run someone over. Police showed up, and the suspect, William Tracy Patterson, opened fire from a second story window, hit Officer Wayne Pavlischek, and then Patterson was shot by police.

Patterson, the suspect, died at Trident Hospital overnight.

One neighbor, whose voice has been altered to remain anonymous, says, “She must’ve been in danger, I mean if the guy is crazy enough to pull out a gun when he can see cops with assault weapons in their hand and he thinks he can take care of them, I can only imagine what she was going through over there with his mental instability he had.”

Patterson was arrested in December for felony aggravated domestic violence, again at the end of May for domestic violence, assault and battery, and for domestic violence again last Monday.

A neighbor says, “My husband and I started noticing that weekly there was a cop car, if not two. I think it’s typical domestic violence. It starts and it gets worse, and worse, and the cops are out there more.”

Neighbors tell News 2 the domestic violence issues were clear. They woman who lives in the house where Patterson was shot was his girlfriend, Patterson had lived there for about six months, and the two were expecting a child together. Neighbors say when Patterson was arrested at the end of May, the violence spilled into the street.

One neighbor says, “A man and his family were driving by and they saw the man hurting the woman, and so the good Samaritans jumped out, dragged him off, and said just stop, lay down, just stop. And I was impressed by the way they handled the guy.”

That couple dialed 911, but neighbors say this incident is just one in a chain of too many cases of domestic violence.

A neighbor says, “We all know there’s a pattern, so we haven’t learned our lesson as a society yet, so I don’t see that this teaches any body any other kind of a lesson.”

Neighbors say they are glad Patterson won’t disturb their street any more.

One says, “He won’t be back to that house. I am relieved, yes, I am definitely relieved.”

Officer Pavlischek is expected to be okay. He was released from the hospital Tuesday morning and was saved by his police vest.

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