July 4th is most common day for dogs to go missing

The noise from fireworks may sound like a celebration to people, but it can sound like the end of the world to your dog.

Kim Almstedt, Marketing Director for Pet Helpers, says, “They tend to really stress out pets, particularly dogs, and they tend to jump fences, they tend to get off of their leash, so it’s very stressful and very traumatic.”

Because of the fireworks, the 4th of July is the most common day for pets to run away from home.

Almstedt says, “Animal control officers, it’s the busiest time of year for them. They equate to a 30-60% increase in phone calls.”

Pet Helpers tells News 2 they are already gearing up for the influx of missing pets that will be reported on the 5th.

Almstedt says, “We get inundated with people that have found a pet that they have no idea where the pet came from, and then we get inundated with the calls that people are looking for their pet.”

But there are three things you can do to keep your pup safe.

One, don’t bring your pet to a public fireworks display.

Almstedt says, “This is not the place that’s going to be pet friendly. We don’t want other animals to be stressed out, so keep your animal at home.”

Two, keep your dog in a crate with the radio on.

Almstedt says, “Most animals really enjoy their crate, they look at it as a safe space, maybe even put a sound machine with waves or put the radio on so that offsets those loud booms of the fireworks.”

Three, make sure they are wearing an ID with up-to-date contact information.

Almstedt says, “Make sure their collar is on right now and if you’ve moved or changed your phone number and your pet is microchipped, always, always make sure to update that microchip information. That is the first line of defense to get your pet back safe and sound.”

And if your dog does run away, contact your local shelter and vet offices immediately so they can give you a call if it is found.

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