Family member speaks out about previous warning of home with 30+ dead animals

MONCKS CORNER, S.C. (WCBD) — We have new information about the Moncks Corner home where more than 30 dead animals were discovered Wednesday night. 9 live animals are now in the care of the SPCA.
There was also an elderly woman and 2 children at the home. The kids are now in DSS care.

Maggie Heatley is the granddaughter of the elderly woman who was found at the property. She says her family called Berkeley County Animal Control about concerns over the animals in December of 2014. “And there were animals deceased and live removed at that time. But then they were eventually given back to the owners that were Courtney and Phillip Daniel.”

Berkeley County officials told us at least 2 animals, a pony and a dog, were removed in the past, and they were looked at by a veterinarian who said they did not show signs of neglect.

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The animals were returned with the understanding they would not go back to the Honeybee Road property. Maggie says it looks like they did. “And they were some of the same animals that were found in this new case.”

With this new case, the elderly woman, Maggie’s grandmother, and 2 children were also found at the property. The grandmother is being taken care of, and the children are now in DSS custody.
Maggie says her cousin and his wife Courtney Heatley are both involved in the situation.

Courtney Heatley has been issued 12 citations by animal control. “But they both are complicit in what’s been happening on the property, so we’re questioning animal control and Berkeley County as to why charges are’t being brought up on both of them? And why only 12 counts for Courtney because there’s 30 dead animals plus live ones that were taken away. We don’t understand why it’s been just condensed to 12.”

I took the family’s concerns to Major David Brabham of the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office. “Right now, we are working with DNR and the county attorney to make sure that we get the appropriate charges filed. The investigation, it is still ongoing and fluid.”

Major Brabham says not only could additional charges be filed in the future, but they are also looking at additional suspects.

Maggie Heatley says she just wants to see justice for the animals. “I’m not sure what animal control standards are, but as an animal lover myself they don’t meet my standards for doing justice for them.”

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