Elderly woman prepares for legal battle with paving company

Knightsville,SC (WCBD)–An elderly woman says that a low country paving company took advantage of her when they did not return to finish a job they started.

89 year old Audrie Frantzis says that her problems began back in January when she hired Carolina Asphalt Paving Company to fix her eroded driveway. The gravel drive was nearly washed out by heavy storms, making it difficult to leave her home.

She says that the company surveyed the area, showing concern for her safety and told her they would fix it. After several visits they decided on a price, $2500 to fill in the gravel and  $2000 more to pave it.

She says that she paid the contractor the $2500 after they filled in the driveway,  expecting them to return the next day to finish paving, but they didn’t return.

After several weeks, they company still did not finish paving and several places began to erode. She says that she called them repeatedly, but they continued to say they were tied up.

Months later, she says the driveway is worse than ever and now the company won’t return her calls. Now she is concerned that the driveway may wash out completely and desperately needs to be paved, but doesn’t have the money to have the gravel filled in again.

She says that she expects the company to refund her money, or she will be forced to take them to small claims court later this month.

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