Air conditioning system broken at SC Humane Society

Courtesy WSPA

SPARTANBURG, S.C. – Fans of all sizes are throughout the Spartanburg Humane Society.

“The hardest part is they’re [animals] uncomfortable so they’re a little bit lethargic,” said Spartanburg Humane Society CEO Angel Cox.

The 400 animals living without the a/c had their outdoor time shortened so their bodies won’t heat up. “It’s just not nearly as much exercise and as much outdoor freedom that they would like and need and that’s very hard.”

Cox says the heat even puts a damper on the adoption process. “We want them to stay here and visit with the animals as much as possible.

Go into a visitation room and spend absolutely as much time as possible and they just can’t because of the heat.”

Staff is doing everything possible to work around the issue, making sure the animals stay hydrated.

“We’re trying everything we can. We have a couple of offices that now have animals in them that normally wouldn’t.” Right now, the units that are supposed to cool the area with the animals are about 50% operational.

“We’ve got to replace these two huge compressors – a 9 ton compressor and a 14 ton compressor – are down and gone. Fried.”

She believes a lightning strike caused the damage. The repairs will cost at least $22,000, and they’re still $14,000 away from that mark. “It’s a tremendous cost for a small nonprofit like ours. It really is because all of our money goes to caring for the animals.”

Cox says no animals have died or gotten sick because of that broken a/c unit. You can make a donation by visiting the humane society’s website.

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