News 2 keeping an eye on what Berkeley County School District is doing to have enough bus drivers this year

Will there be enough school bus drivers to get your child to and from school on time this year in Berkeley County? 
This is an issue News 2’s Raymond Owens has been following in recent months. 

Parents contacted us to say their kids were not making it to school on time during the school year last year. The district said they could not find enough school bus drivers.

We decided to take a look at how the district is trying to solve this problem.

Wes Fleming is the Berkeley County School District’s Director of Transportation. “It’s looking better than last year. We ended last year with a shortage of drivers.”

Signs of available jobs can be seen at intersections and certain schools throughout Berkeley County. “We made a big push. We had a couple of classes this summer and another class is scheduled for July.”

On Tuesday, the school district held a job fair at the old Menriv school in Goose Creek. “We’re putting flyers out. People are talking about it in church. We’re just trying to find, we need about 40 total, 40 drivers.”

Tyler Just works in driver training and recruitment for Berkeley County School District. He says there are numerous advantages to these jobs. “You get your summers, all holidays off, weekends off. For lunch at middays you can go home for lunch and get a minimum of 30 hours per week as long as you’re full-time.”

Fleming says drivers make a big impact. “You know that driver can have a very positive impact. Anybody that ever rode the school bus understands the impact of that bus driver on your school experience.”

Tonight the school board voted to make the starting pay more competitive with other nearby districts. Right now, the pay starts at a little more than $11.50 per hour. The board voted to increase the starting pay to $13.05 per hour.

You can find out more about finding a job with the district at

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