July 4th traffic: How to avoid violations and insurance hikes

It’s no secret that the July 4th weekend comes with lots of traffic each year. But it can also come with traffic violations and insurance hikes if you’re not careful.

We talked with Carson Davis, who says he’s looking forward to the break but not to “the accidents and late at night on a holiday weekend you can expect everything that comes along with that, but that’s why I’m off the road and on the boat by lunchtime.”

Even if you’re not taking a trip, from Thursday to Monday, AAA says you’ll be competing with nearly 2 million travelers in the Carolina’s alone.

Dale Spence, with AAA, says “”Gas prices are down, more people can afford to go out and travel, so it makes it more affordable and there again, more people, more danger, gotta be safe.”

And, if you’re not careful, the clogged roads could affect your premiums.

Insurancequotes.com finds, on average, a speeding ticket under 15 miles per hour triggers a 21% spike.

Keep this in mind, speeding tickets can potentially hit drivers with no prior record the hardest. That’s because they not only get docked for the ticket, but they also could lose their safe driver discount.

Carson Davis made a good point when he said “I mean if that many cars are on the road, I wouldn’t imagine having enough space to get going too fast,” but following too closely, failure to signal, and improperly driving in a car pool lane can all trigger close to a 20% hike.

Then’s there’s the major violations, like speeding over 31 miles per hour- a 29% hike, reckless driving- an 85% hike, and DUI- a 94% hike.

And that’s when insurers can refuse coverage.

We talked with Dante Russo, from the SC Insurance Brokers, who says “So really now you’re limiting your options on who you can insure with, and usually preferred markets, the ones with the better pricing will not offer you coverage.”

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