CFO of Charleston County School District arrested for DUI three times in five years

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) — The Charleston County School District is standing behind its Chief Financial Officer. The school board was told Glenn Stiegman was arrested for DUI three times in five years.

The school district released a statement saying Stiegman cleared all background checks and his “history does not include any convictions that are prohibited by District policy.” It goes on to say the district “stands by its decision to employ Mr. Stiegman as CFO and looks forward to him continuing to work toward returning the district to financial stability.”

Stiegman himself also issued a statement admitting to the DUI’s and saying adversity in his personal life led him to alcohol. He took “multiple steps towards rehabilitation”, and made great improvements with the support of his family, and overcame his personal struggles, the statement adds.


Charleston County School District hired Mr. Glenn Stiegman in November 2015 as the Interim Chief Finance Officer after the immediate resignation of his predecessor. Mr. Stiegman’s achievements and accomplishments as a former Assistant Superintendent of Finance were – and continue to be – crucial for our District’s financial health, particularly during this time as we reorganize and reassess our budgetary needs. Mr. Stiegman has been instrumental in rebuilding our financial security to enable us to serve the needs of our students, employees, and constituents.

At the time of his hire, Mr. Stiegman finalized the necessary paperwork as a prerequisite to his employment with the District; all potential District employees complete the same requirements. It was during this process that the District learned that Mr. Stiegman had previously been arrested for driving under the influence. His arrests occurred at least two years prior to his application for employment with the District. Per District policy, employee applicants with arrest records are considered by the District on a case-by-case basis, unless the applicant was convicted of a felony or possesses a criminal record for physical assault or criminal acts against children. Mr. Stiegman’s history does not include any convictions that are prohibited by District policy; as such, Mr. Stiegman met with District administration to discuss his particular circumstances and satisfied all questions pertaining to his record.

As it concerns Mr. Stiegman’s prior history, he pled guilty to three misdemeanors. The District has confirmed with Mr. Stiegman’s prior defense counsel, the Charleston County Clerk of Court, and the Mt. Pleasant Municipal Court that Mr. Stiegman pled guilty to the following charges: driving with unlawful alcohol content (2008); driving under the influence, less than .10, 1st offense (2012); and reckless driving (2013).

At some point, almost everyone makes poor choices in their personal life. Some of those choices impact a person’s ability to perform well in their professional life. That is not the case here. Since Mr. Stiegman’s employment with the District, his job performance has been above reproach. The District stands by its decision to employ Mr. Stiegman as CFO and looks forward to him continuing to work toward returning the District to financial stability.


I accepted the position as Interim CFO and ultimately CFO of CCSD to assist in bringing about necessary change to benefit our students and the members of our community, which is of the utmost importance to me.

Several years ago, I found myself faced with difficulty and adversity in my personal life, which culminated in my becoming addicted to alcohol. Speaking about this publically is the most difficult task that I have ever had to do because, as a result of my addiction, I made some poor choices that led to three arrests during a span of five years. After my first arrest in 2008, to which I pled guilty to driving with unlawful alcohol content, I enrolled and completed the Alcohol Drug and Safety Action Program. However, I continued to battle my addiction through 2013, after I pled guilty to driving under the influence and reckless driving.

As a result of my own actions for which I assume full responsibility, I took multiple steps towards rehabilitation, and I truly believe that I have made great improvements and strides with this support and the support of my family, which has enabled me to overcome my personal struggles.

I work and will continue to work faithfully to ensure that our District’s standards and financial objectives are met and exceeded to benefit our students, employees, and local residents.

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