The cyborg revolution begins

Moon Ribas and Neil Harbisson of New York City call themselves cyborgs because they are living with technology installed in their bodies.

Harbisson, born with a rare form of colorblindness, has an antenna implant in his head that allows him to hear colors.

“Each color has its own frequency of light, which then has its own musical note, so I hear musical notes for different colors,” he explains.

Cyborg Moon Ribas has an arm implant that allows her to percieve earthquakes in real time anywhere on the planet.

That implant is connected to online seismographs.

Together, the two artists created The Cyborg Foundation. Their mission: Melding technology and the human body.

Neil Harbisson says, “This also opens the risk of being hacked.”

Read more: Http://bit.Ly/28vb21j

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