2 Your Health: Common myths about drowning

With Summer officially here, beaches and pools are packed with swimmers. But an unfortunate reality is that more than 10 people a day die from drowning. Knowing which myths about drowning are actually true could be a matter of life or death. According to WEB MD here are some common misconceptions:

Myth Number One – Good swimmers don’t drown. Even the best of swimmers overestimate their abilities… Especially when alcohol and drugs are a factor. The CDC says alcohol and drugs contribute to up to 70% of drowning deaths among teens and adults.

Myth Number Two – Children drown more often than adults. Experts say more adults drown than children do. The reason is based on population.

Myth Number Three – People who are drowning scream or flail.  Researchers say drowning can be a silent killer. People who are more experienced in the water will likely flail around and call out for help.

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