Lots of storm damage in the Kingstree area tonight

There is a fairly large area of property with at least some storm damage in Williamsburg County. 
There were people trapped in their vehicles or homes due to trees falling down.
“I was just getting off my golf cart and saw this dark sky come up, and wind, and heard this roaring and I thought to myself, ‘This is not thunder, this is not lightning.'”
Diane Godwin said her home and property on Manning Highway in Greeleyville near Kingstree sustained damage. “We had trees down, porch damage, mostly trees and tin off the building.”
What can be viewed as a bad thing turned out to be wonderful when people came to help out. “It’s been wonderful. We have a lot of friends and a lot of neighbors. We’re very blessed to have them.”
Just down the road, you could see power lines snapped off at the bottom and leaning over on their side. At another house, the tin roof of then shed was picked up and dragged all the way across the front yard. 
At another home, a shed had serious damage from a fallen tree. Even the bees did not get away without damage. A bee hive that had been doing so good until today, was torn to pieces. 
Godwin said one things for sure, lots of trees were definitely trimmed. “The Lord just pruned this afternoon. He just pruned everything.”

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