North Port officers celebrate autistic boy’s birthday after no one responds to invites

Photo via North Port Police Department

NORTH PORT, Fla. (WFLA) – North Port police officers made an 8-year-old boy’s day.

“We could all use a happy story right about now. Got this nice photo and note today. Glad we could assist,” the department posted on Facebook.

It’s a beautiful story. The boy, Daniel, recently turned 8 years old. Daniel is autistic.

“No one called to say they were coming to his birthday party. Both myself and his father were heartbroken,” the boy’s mom told officers.

It’s not the first time other children have failed to celebrate the boy’s birthday. “He is autistic so making friends is extremely difficult for him,” his mom explained. “His father (Dan) and I remembered the past two years of no one showing up for his birthday parties, he would spend the day crying that he had no friends. We could not let that happen again.”

So the parents had an idea. Daniel loves police officers. Mom and dad invited the North Port Police Department officers to the party. They weren’t sure what to expect, and didn’t say anything to Daniel.

“While playing with his cousin Adam Sunday at McKibben Park he saw a large line of police cars coming down the road. He was so excited,” the mom said. “His favorite friends came to his party. He is still talking about it being the best birthday ever! Thank you, North Port Police Department. You made my son’s birthday extra special with his favorite super heroes!”

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