Berkeley County voters send strong message to keep incumbents

BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C. — In Berkeley County, only 5.4% of voters voted. But those who did spoke loud and clear that they want to keep their elected officials in office.

Berkeley County Councilman Ken Gunn was the first to get all precincts in with a big win of 69% to 30% against challenger Elaine Barnett. Councilman Gunn told News 2 that he did not think the SLED investigation that began last week would impact the race, and it looks like he was right. “I am humbled to be elected for a second term. I’m looking forward to continuing the projects that we started. In particular in the Justice and Public Safety area.”

State Rep. Samuel Rivers, also a target of that investigation, also had a big win. He ended with 73% of the Berkeley County vote to 26% of the vote for Steven Smith.

State Senator Larry Grooms watched returns come in at the election commission as well. Voters in Berkeley County gave him a 79% win over Mark Heath’s 20%.

Congressman Mark Sanford was the incumbent who received the lowest % of the Berkeley County, and he still beat State Rep. Jenny Horne in Berkeley County voting by 58-41%.

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