Folly Beach sees large turnout despite shark fears

FOLLY BEACH,SC (WCBD)–On Saturday Folly Beach saw one of the largest turnouts of the summer.

This comes just 4 days after a surfer reported a close encounter with a shark on the same beach. Jack O’Neil told owners of a local surf shop that a 5 to 6 foot shark took a bite out of his board while he was catching waves on Tuesday.

News 2 spoke with surfing instructors at the shop who say that sharks bites are rare and often accidental. They say that if the surfers story is true, it shouldn’t deter people who want to hit the water this summer.

They also say that sharks or no sharks, the busy summer season means that people should remain alert. Large crowds and changing conditions can lead to bad situation if beach-goers are not vigilant.

They say that staying aware of your surrounding can go a long way in preventing injury and avoiding sharks.

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