Emotions raw in hometown of man in Stanford assault case

An exterior of Oakwood High School is seen in Oakwood, Ohio Thursday June 9, 2016. Anger and skepticism fill the streets of this wealthy suburban enclave following intense scrutiny of a six-month rape sentence handed down to Brock Turner, a former resident, a star swimmer for Stanford whose conviction ended his athletic career and cast a light on his background and the community he grew up in. Turner attended Oakwood High School. (AP Photo/Ann Sanner)

OAKWOOD, Ohio (AP) — Emotions are running high in the Ohio hometown of an ex-Stanford University swimmer whose background has come under scrutiny following a perceived light sentence for the sexually assault of a woman behind a dumpster.

Letters from local officials and friends supporting Brock Turner have drawn outrage. Critics say they are shifting blame from a 20-year-old man who won’t take responsibility for his actions.

Some say the backlash has exposed underlying social problems with Oakwood, Ohio’s idyllic image.

The older suburb near Dayton is a destination community known for a high standard of living and top-ranked schools.

The median household income in the city of about 9,000 is just over $100,000, more than double the state average.

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