Summerville holds town hall meeting to discuss police relations

Summerville,SC (WCBD)– On Thursday the Summerville Community Resource Center hosted a town hall meeting with the Summerville Police Department to discuss issues they say are important to minorities whou live there.

This meeting comes right after the Department of Justices investigation into the North Charleston Police Department.

The center is hoping this will be a more proactive approach in dealing with police relations.

The meeting had three main purposes, to look at Summerville Police statistics regarding traffic stops, to build stronger bonds with law enforcement, and to allow members of the community to express concerns.

Meeting organizers say that police have been transparent and helpful. The police say that it is their duty as officers, and that all statistics are available to the public.

The statistics revealed that 62 percent of traffic stop citations went to white citizens, while 32 percent went to African Americans.

Many who spoke at the meeting say they are still concerned that stops are being made unlawfully and unrecorded. According to South Carolina law, every person stopped must either be given a citation or a warning.

Police say that these types of stops may be prevented thanks to dash cameras and body cameras, which must now be worn at all times.

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