Michigan Veterans head to Washington, D.C. for Honor Flight

(WLNS) – 62 Veterans took an honor flight to the nation’s Capitol for a tour of War Memorials and the Arlington National Cemetery.

The morning started with a breakfast and parade through the airport as a send off.

Veterans were greeted with applause and celebratory music this morning on the way to the flight many had been waiting years to make.

“I had to turn it down because I was very ill and so they put me on the list, and the next one I was going to go on that, then I broke my arm, and I had to cancel and so they said they’d keep me on the list so now here I am,” WWII Marine Corp. Veteran Genevieve Jennings said.

“I was thrilled,” WWII, Vietnam and Korean War Veteran Joseph Filko said.

Joseph Filko served in three wars, and although he has waited a long time for this jam-packed day, he says he is ready for it.

“I’m in good shape, for 95 I’m in good shape. One day isn’t going to exhaust me, cause I work out every day,” Joseph said.

For Joseph, he doesn’t take one day for granted.

“I was on the S.S. North Carolina and we got torpedoed, I thought we were going to sink but we didn’t,” Joseph said.

Both Joseph and Gnevieve served I the Marine Corp., and the entire trip means much more because of who they are surrounded by.

“Meeting a lot of the main people in Marine Corp., I met a lot of them and that was, that was really quite wonderful I thought,” Joseph said.

After a friendly arrival at the airport the Veterans were sent off with a water cannon salute before heading to Washington, D.C. to visit war memorials and Arlington National Cemetery.

“It’s great no, I’m real excited,” Genvieve said.

The plane arrives back in Lansing at the Capitol Region International Airport at 9 PM.

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