Falsified drug tests prompt additional lawsuits

A second lawsuit has been filed after allegations of falsified drug tests that were used in criminal cases involving DSS.

This lawsuit filed on June 2nd alleges that their client Summer Sinecoff was wrongfully arrested in 2015 for Unlawful Neglect of a child after her child tested positive for methamphetamine.

The child was tested for drugs at the request of South Carolina Department of Social Services, according to the lawsuit. Lynn Craig, owner of the Laurens County Accurate Diagnostics Branch performed the test, says the lawsuit.

Sinecoff says that there was no way that the child was exposed to methamphetamine. The lawsuit claims that the only reason she was arrested was because of drug test. Sinecoff had no prior criminal record before that July arrest.

In October of 2015, Lynn Craig and Accurate Diagnostics of Laurens County became under investigation for falsifying drug tests. Those allegations say that Craig would not send off hair follicle tests to a 3rd party testing facility Omega Labs.

DSS cross referenced test numbers with Omega labs and had several that had never been sent to Omega labs.

DSS is also named in the lawsuit because lawyers say DSS employees were negligent in following the proper chain of custody for the drug test samples, failing to supervise Lynn Craig in the drug test process, failing to perform quality control checks to verify results of the drug tests, and failing to institute adequate licensing policies and practices with Accurate Diagnostics.

Sinecoff’s charge was dismissed in February of 2016.


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