Baby boy suffers second-degree burns

Nine-month-old sprayed with scalding water from garden hose

PHOENIX (CNN) — A nine-month old Arizona boy has suffered second-degree burns after he was hit with scalding water from a garden hose.

The mother, Dominique Woodger, was about to fill a little pool with water on Monday, as she normally does. When she turned on the faucet, the extremely hot water came out of the sprinkler head attached to the hose, getting all over the baby boy.

“I thought he was crying because he was mad, because he hates when he gets sprayed in the face,” Woodger said. “I didn’t think that it was burning him.”

WCBD-baby2Well on Monday, temperatures reached 110 degrees in Phoenix. When it’s this hot, water sitting inside a hose left out in the sun can get as hot as 150 degrees. Firefighters say they see these type of contact burns often.

Experts say all it takes is 10 to 30 seconds of exposure and second-degree burns can happen.

The most common contact burn during the summer, however, is from people walking on hot pavement.

Experts say if you get burned and it breaks the skin, you should get medical treatment.

As for hot water in the garden hose, the best thing to do is check it before you spray and make sure kids aren’t nearby.

The baby boy was discharged from the burn center of a local hospital and is going to be okay.

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