Children doing better after near fatal fire in Berkeley County

We have an update on the condition of the two children who were saved after a fire burned down their home in the Overton Community near Moncks Corner. 
Douglas Kennedy said he had just left his Overton home Tuesday. “My wife called me, she went around the corner and said, ‘Doug there is a house fire and I heard there is a child in there.'”
So he turned around and drove to the home. The father of the kids, Deonte, had left the house to get his dog after it ran off. Douglas’ wife picked up Deonte and drove him back to the home. His 6 year old daughter had already escaped the fire, but his 1 year old son was still inside. “He ran to the front door and kicked the door in, and he ran in and grabbed the baby and it was dead.”
Fortunately a nurse lives next door and was home. “She started mouth-to-mouth and I started compressing his chest. And she said, ‘There’s no pulse, Doug. And we kept on. And the whole time I was doing it I was asking God to help us. Help us God! Help us God! Help us God! Father in Heaven please help us! And she looked at me and I looked at her and all of a sudden the baby’s mouth opened, gasped.”
An EMS unit then arrived and took over. We asked Douglas what it was like when he saw the child gasp. “Praise God. Praise God. That’s all I can say. Cause I was steady praying to God while I was working and He, He’s the one that done it. Not me, not her, but God done it.”
The owners of the property live just across the street from the home. They told us that both the little girl and the little boy are doing much better today. The little boy was taken off of life support earlier Wednesday morning. 

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