Father forgives man accused of murdering, dismembering daughter

MARTIN COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — The father of a murdered Florida woman, whose partial remains were found in a barrel of acid, says he forgives the man accused in her gruesome killing.

Investigators believe Steven Williams murdered his ex-wife Tricia Todd, 30, and dismembered her body with a chainsaw in April. Todd’s partial remains were found by search crews in the Hungryland Wildlife and Environmental Area, according to the Martin County Sheriff’s Office, who said Williams had directed detectives to the site where he buried Todd’s remains.

Tricia Todd, WPBF TV images via CNN
Tricia Todd, WPBF TV images via CNN

The sheriff’s office said Todd’s partial remains were found in a plastic container that is believed to have been filled with acid.

Tricia Todd was the mother of a 2-year-old girl and was an Air Force veteran who worked as a hospice nurse. She was reported missing on April 27. 

According to a Palm Beach Post report,Williams told police he killed Todd during an argument about money.

Tricia Todd’s father said he placed a pole in the ground where his daughter’s remains were found.

“We put a pole in the ground which I want to replace with a tree if they’ll let me, which is where she actually was buried for a month,” David Todd told WPBF TV.

“And I wanted to show that I respect her, I love my daughter. She’s in heaven and she was in heaven before her body ever got cut up. But that’s not the way civilized people treat their dead, to chop them up with a chainsaw and put them in a bucket of acid.”

Todd’s strong faith in God is helping him get through his devastating loss.

“Whenever we have a crisis like this its like God has his arm around us. I feel his presence so strongly that I’m not falling apart.”

Todd says he forgives the man who killed his daughter so brutally.

“You may have little tiny things but those little tiny things can grow and make you into a monster like Steven, if you don’t forgive, and I just want to tell the people who are listening to let go and forgive whatever grudge you have, give it to God and start saying the words.”

A funeral service for Tricia Todd will be held Saturday in Hobe Sound. A fundraising account has been set up on Crowdwise to help support Tricia Todd’s daughter Faith, age 2, and to help pay other expenses.

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