DSS had access to verify falsified drug tests

LAURENS COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) — New information from Accurate Diagnostics shows that DSS should have had access to verify falsified drug tests from Laurens County Accurate Diagnostics.

Accurate Diagnostics says that they have secure portals that 3rd party testing companies enter information into. The drug testing company and DSS then should have access to it as well as a chain of custody.

DSS told 7News that “We have to rely on the information provided to us by our drug testing providers,” but if they had access to the secure portal, that wouldn’t be true.

Accurate Diagnostics director is not sure if Lynn Craig ever set up that portal correctly in Laurens County.

7News also obtained dozens of emails between DSS Laurens County Director Byron Dendy and case workers, explaining that they would cease work with Accurate Diagnostics in October of 2015. This is the same time SLED began to investigate Accurate Diagnostics and Lynn Craig, the owner.

The emails show that Dendy told case workers that they could no longer do field drug tests.

One case worker raised the following questions:

snip of email

Those questions include parents faking a urine test if they have a day to prepare, or creating an influx of children into the foster care system.

DSS says that they have not seen an increase in foster care cases in Laurens County since they ceased business with Accurate Diagnostics in Laurens County.

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